Faculties and Staffs


​Present Designation: Director, ACD, ACO, Agrimly

Past Profile : Ex-Agriculture Scientist, ICAR New Delhi ; Alumni of IARI, New Delhi and IGKV, Raipur

Notable works : Author of Brief Book Series & Smart Notes of Agriculture; Started Agriculture Current Affairs in India; Qualified JRF, NET, ARS, IARI PhD, BHU PG.

Others: Scientist, author, writer, speaker, Social Worker, Educator and Dreamer. .. .


​Present Designation: Director, ACH, Hyderabad

Past Profile : Agriculture Experts and Counselor, ACD , 6 Year teaching experience of agriculture and agronomic competitive exams; Researches from IIMR, New Delhi; Ph.D. (Agronomy); Alumni of RSKVV, Gwalior and CoA, Indore; Qualified JRF, NET, BHU PG.

Notable works : Second Author of Brief Book Series, Smart Notes of Agriculture and Agriculture Current Affairs in India.

Others: Teacher for Agronomy Carrier in India

Technical Team and Office Management


Managing Head

Dhiren Kumar

Video Editor

Manoj Kumar

Technical Assistant

Ajay Kumar

Office Management Member