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Roop Singh Maitry, an accomplished figure, embodies diverse roles and achievements that extend beyond his academic and professional accolades.

As an Agriculture Scientist at ICAR New Delhi, Maitry's expertise shines through, reflecting his extensive knowledge and dedication. His literary contributions, including the 'Brief Book Series' and 'Smart Notes of Agriculture,' showcase not only his erudition but also his unwavering passion for the subject.

Maitry's gift for oration has positioned him as a sought-after speaker, gracing various platforms to share his insights and visions. His commitment to education is evident through his role as an educator, where he has guided numerous aspiring individuals on their academic paths.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Maitry's heart beats for social change, manifested through his substantial social work efforts. His initiatives as a pioneer in agricultural current affairs have created noteworthy impacts in India's agricultural landscape.

Maitry's accomplishments extend to his remarkable success in competitive exams such as JRF, NET, ARS, IARI PhD, and BHU PG Entrance, underscoring his dedication and aptitude. At his core, he remains a visionary, driven by dreams of agricultural advancements and a brighter collective future.

Engaging with Roop Singh Maitry offers a profound journey into the realms of agriculture, innovation, and inspiration.

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