ACD is a very innovative initiative in Indian agriculture. I believe agricultural students of remote area like me will get benefited from this institute.                Ajit, IFS, Govt of India

Its great beginning in Indian agriculture. ACD will help to search real talents from all remote areas.
-Dr. Deepak Gupta, ARS, Scientist, ICAR

Great initiative. Best of luck
-Raj Kumar, Scientist, CRIDA

Good start! I will visit to bless the institute.
-Dr. S.L Jat, Scientist, IIMR

Visitors Diary

It’s a land marking in Indian agricultural history. Definitely it will contribute India to search real agricultural talents. Wish you all the best….  – R S Maitry, Scientist, Author

When I reach Delhi, I will defiantly visit the institution, I hope it will give good contribution in search.
-Bharat Singh Hada, IFS, Govt of India

I will surely visit this innovation. i had struggled during my admission in India
-Dr. Meysam, Head, WSED, Iran