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Important Selection in IBPS AFO Exam

  1. Jagriti Singh - posting in Bank of Baroda
  2. ​Param Pal - (Punjab) - posting in Bank of Baroda
  3. Ashok (Rajasthan) - posted in Bank of Baroda
  4. Shivam (Himachal Pradesh) posting in Bank of Baroda
  5. Ashish Khurana (Punjab) ​posting in Punjab National Bank

Important Selection in BHU/ UPCATET / Other Exams

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Important Selection in ICAR AIEEA UG 

  1. Ram Lakhan Limba - ICAR NTS Fellowship + Admission at MPKV, Rahuri in B.Sc. (Agri.) 
  2. Divyansh Rathore - ICAR NTS Fellowship + Admission at RPCAU Pusa, Bihar in BTech (Agri.) 
  3. Mani Bhooshan - ICAR NTS Fellowship + Admission at IGKV Raipur in BTech (Agri.) ​

Important Selection in ICAR AIEEA PG/ JRF  

  1. Himakar Datta- ICAR JRF Fellowship + Admission at IGKV Raipur in M.Sc. (Plant Breeding) 

Important Selection in IAS/IFoS (Agriculture Optional)

  1. Jeevan (Maharastra) - AIR-23 in Indian Forest Service (IFos) 
  2. Rahul (Madhya Pradesh) - AIR 27 in Indian Forest Service (IFos) 
  3. Sunil Kumar  (Haryana) - AIR 12 in Indian Forest Service (IFos) 
  4. Sunil Kumar (Rajsthan) - AIR 21 in Indian Forest Service (IFos) 
  5. Ramesh (Rajsthan) - in Indian Adminsitive Service (IAS)

Achievements of Agri Coaching Delhi

Important Selection in ICAR PhD/ SRF  

  1. Shivangi Srivastava - ICAR  SRF Fellowship + Admission at IGKV Raipur in PhD  (Horticulture)